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alaffia everyday coconut skin care

Purchased by me.
Nothing to disclose.
Alaffia Everyday Coconut Body Lotion, Face Scrub and Face Cream
I've always taken good care of my skin. I've worn sunscreen and moisturizer religiously since I was 20, and I always wash my face and dab on moisturizer before going to bed. Plus, once or twice a week, I use a scrub to exfoliate my skin. But I don't like to spend a lot of money on fancy lotions and potions. I believe good skin comes from a combination of good genes, not clogging your skin with too much make up, a healthy diet, not smoking, and consistently wearing sunscreen, so I am not convinced that expensive products work.

For most of my life, I have used Lush's Skin Drink but recently stopped when I noticed it now contains parabens. These endocrine disruptors are linked to all kinds of nastiness including breast cancer. [Interesting that Lush's tag line is "Fresh, handmade cosmetics." Parabens are neither fresh nor handmade. When I wrote Lush and told them my point of view, I received a defensive, corporate form email.]

Long story short: I was looking for moisturizers and products to replace Lush products, without breaking the bank. Although I love 100 Percent Pure products, they can be pricey. One day, I spied Alaffia Everyday Coconut products in my local Whole Foods and amazingly, they were affordable. The 32 ounce bottle of Body Lotion cost about $14; the Alaffia Everyday Coconut Face Scrub was about $9 and the Night Face Cream was about $7. I love the smell of coconut, and I love a bargain. Plus, these are vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade, and they donate a portion of their profits to charity. Ding, ding, ding! But how do Alaffia skin care products compare to higher end products? Read on.

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Nighttime Replenishing Face Cream
All Alaffia products have a pleasant, neutral coconut scent – not too faint but not overbearing; the scrub's scent is the subtlest. The face lotion has a thick consistency. I like it. My skin absorbs it easily and it does not clog my pores. Plus, the 12 ounce bottle will last me a heck of a lot longer than the 1.5 ounce, $24 pot of paraben-laden Skin Drink. Keeper!

Mostly pronouncable ingredients
Only one ingredient – phenoxyethanol – is questionable, but the Environmental Working Group lists it as fairly low risk. In case you were wondering, polysorbate 20 is an emulsifier and is also low risk, as is potassium sorbate, which is a preservative. I prefer 100% natural but I can live with these, especially because they are at the end of the list.

Alaffia Everyday Coconut Body Lotion
Since I run a lot, I take a lot of showers. And I always moisturize afterward, especially since my loft has drying forced-air heat and air conditioning. This lotion smells similar to the face cream. It's a tad thinner than I am used to, but I like it. It's easily absorbed and will last a long time. Keeper!

Similar ingredient list.

Alaffia Everyday Face Scrub
The Face Scrub is also a winner. I use a dime-sized dab in the shower, and it leaves my face feeling smooth and clean. The scent is extremely subtle. My only "beef" "tofu" is that the oil and sugar separate. But then again, it's not a bad thing because it's almost all natural. A little shake of the tube and everything is combined again.

More mostly simple ingredients.

Would I buy these products again? Yes, indeedy! Has anyone else tried them?

You can find Alaffia products at Whole Foods  and online

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Melodee said...

I have tried a handful of their products. The lotion/sunscreen was difficult to rub in completely, didn't moisturize as well as other face lotions I have used, and left my face with a white tint to it (assume this is from the sunscreen). I hate to be wasteful so tried to use it as hand lotion instead, but ultimately ended up throwing it out.

I currently have their conditioner in my shower, but have been disappointed with it as well. My hair is difficult to comb through after using it.

My daughter is currently using the body soap in the pump bottle, but hasn't said anything to me about it so not sure on its verdict.

I originally brought this brand because it had (or didn't have) the things I look for in health and beauty products but was less expensive. Unfortunately, their products left me wanting and I won't be buying them again.

Just my experience, though, and glad to hear you had better luck with them.

Melodee said...

I should have specified that the first product I mentioned is specifically for the face.

urban vegan said...

Aw, that's too bad, Melodee. I hate when that happens.

I will say that most all-natural sunscreens I've tried do tend to not rub in and appear white because they contain zinc instead of all the nasties. I look like a real ghost when I wear mine, LOL! Some are worse than others. I tried Burt's Bees and found it to be white and paste-like.

Kayla Wheeler said...

Hello, I just purchased this full line of products yesterday, and I was bummed to get home and find out there were a couple questionable ingredients. You mentioned that there are 100% pure organic lines? Could you let me know which ones please? :)

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Anonymous said...

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