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Vegan Coaching and Cooking Classes

Need help transitioning to a vegan diet or learning how to cook and bake using plant-based ingredients? I teach inspiring culinary and vegan lifestyle workshops [minimum class size, 5 persons] and am also available for one-on-one consulting via phone or Skype. I love to share my passion for cooking, and my workshops make fun party team-building themes.

Some topics I cover: 

  • Transitioning to A Vegan Lifestyle
  • Vegan Cooking and Baking Boot Camp
  • Overcoming Tofu-Phobia: Yummy dishes from Bean Curd
  • Plant-Powered Athletes: Vegan Food to Fuel Workouts and Recovery
  • Vegan Baking 101
  • Vegan Cooking 101
  • Vegan Cooking for Kids
  • Vegan Cookie Extravaganza
  • Vegan Pastas from Scratch 
  • I Spy Vegan Pies
  • Intro to Raw Vegan

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