Wednesday, October 16, 2013

paris photo of the day :: pont des amoureux

Here's the deal: You and your sweetie buy a padlock, write your names on it, clip it on the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine. And you will live happily ever after together for ever and ever. [The cynic in me is rolling my eyes, but I do love the gesture.]


The Veggie Polyglotographer said...

leaving a padlock on this bridge used to be more special. But now some people got smart and started selling padlocks to tourists, which has made the bridge become COMPLETELY COVERED with padlocks. I think it makes it less romantic... oh well.

Andrea said...

So, did you buy one?

Joey said...

How long do the padlocks stay there for? I can totally imagine some thoughtful government type turning up with some bolt cutters!

Theresa said...

I liked when you called them "licks" on Facebook. What is more loving than a lick?! ;)

urban vegan said...

Joey: Dunno, but the spaces are getting used up fast!

Theresa: Haha. Yeah, my smart phone is so smart that it changes words on me. And since I need readers now, I don't notice the tiny type typos ;/

Andrea: No because I was solo. F-stop had to work so he could not come to Paris

VG: Yes, those padlock peddlers were on the bridge when I walked by.