Tuesday, October 15, 2013

paris mobile photo of the day

A serious one, this time. I abhor images like these that objectify animals. I see them all over the world, at home in the US and abroad. 

If I were a doomed fish [or cow, lobster, chicken or pig, etc], I would not be smiling, wearing lipstick and making fries to serve alongside myself. I think people  portray smiling animals to make themselves feel better about the not-so-pretty reality. What do you think?


Denise said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

The Veggie Polyglotographer said...

You speak the truth, my friend.

TinyGardenDragon said...

I need help!

I am going to Frankfurt for my button-down employer, and I just know that office is going to try and feed me nothing but sausage.

What to do??
-Newly Vegan

TinyGardenDragon said...

PS. I did some research, and the vegetarian options are very limited. Maybe I just grocery shop for my own food?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree.