Thursday, July 11, 2013

what I did with the rest of my CSA share

During the warmer months, many of my recipes are inspired by the contents of my organic CSA share. I get a bi-weekly share which is just enough for me for stretch into a fortnight's worth of meals. But what about all the other, in-between meals that you don;t see posted here? Below are some snapshots of things I've made from the CSA veggies – some fancy, some basic. A girl's gotta' eat, right? And since I am continually cranking out new recipes, I find using other people's cookbooks relaxing.

This week's CSA share after passing Pablo's inspection.
Before I share my photo bomb, it's time to announce the lucky winner of the 3 free Nasoya Nayos giveaway. Congratulations.....drumroll...Katie of Vegan Noms! Please email me your address and we'll send out your prize. [Didn't win? Take heart. I have a slew of reviews and contests coming up. I am way behind and need to have a review/contest marathon.]

Everyday Vegan CSA Noms

Roasted sweet potatoes with coconut flakes, onions and a bit of maple syrup. How can you go wrong?

Cilantro-Citrus Dressing from Terry Hope's Viva Vegan! It's one of my favorite dressings, especially when it's hot and humid. Learn how to make the DIY chalkboard salad dressing bottle here.

Collards! My Cioci [Aunt] Genia and I share a love of these intense greens, popular in the South.

I used some chard and the dill pictured above to make....what else?... but The Fresh Dill Basmati Rice with Chard and Chickpeas from Veganomicon. What it lacks in looks it makes up for in flavor. It reminds me of dolmades filling, but better.

I've gotten loads of kale which I pretty much exclusively made into massaged kale salads, usually with toasted nuts of some sort. This one is punctuated by toasted pumpkin seeds – highly recommended. I'd reckon a head of kale is supposed to feed 4, but I often eat the whole salad in one sitting, greedy greenophile that I am. Learn to make massaged kale salads here.

I ate the entire pint of snap peas raw. They are my favorite snack to chomp on while catching up on old "Homeland," "Nurse Jackie" or "Project Runway" episodes.

And of course since I get some variety of lettuce each time, I eat tons of salad. My body screams for fresh greens during the summer, so it's pure pleasure. I usually top my salads with some sort of veggie protein, often dry-fried tofu or pan-seared soy curls.

What's your favorite vegan summer meal?

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Andrea said...

I definitely need to get more familiar with Terry's dressings because I love a big old salad for a summer meal.

Joey said...

Those CSAs look like they yield a lot of good stuff - I like the idea of the random mix of stuff, it seems to inspire all sorts of creativity.