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running :: spring race recap

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Cool mornings. Sunshine daffodils and crimson azalieas. Downy goslings scurrying across my running path. That was then, this is now: the goslings are geese, and the weather has grown so hot and humid that if I'm not on the running trail by 5:30am, I know I will suffer. In fact, during my 16-mile group run on Saturday, a runner friend passed out from dehydration! [Please be careful out there, kids!] I am still in love with running.

As you may remember, I've always loved running for fun but only got into racing 3 years ago after my divorce – and not long after, I had to take almost 8 months off because of my 2 surgeries. But once I ran my first, painfully slow race, I was hooked, type A person that I am. I've been working hard to improve my running, and the work paid off for me this spring; I PRed [set a personal record] in 3 of the 4 races I ran.  Here's a quick recap of my times, with some photos/race recaps below my times. 

After a muddy spring trail run
Cherry Blossom 5K – PR!
  • 1st in division 45-50
  • 5th woman overall
  • 22:46/7:16 pace
Broad Street Run 10-Miler – PR!
  • 31,798 runners!
  • 1:16:06/7:36 pace
Philadelphia Bar Association 5K – rained, then poured
  • 2nd in division 45-50
  • 22:52/7:21 pace
ODDysey Half Marathon –hot, hot, hot! PR!
  • 1:42:21/7:48 pace
  • 4th in division 40-49
Cherry Blossom 5K – PR! April 14, 2013
First 5K of the season and a nice course near Philly's Japanese House, punctuated by cherry trees in full blossom. Somehow, I snagged first place in my division and was 5th woman overall – a great confidence booster! I started out way too fast, though, trying to keep up with a young'un, so it made for a particularly painful but rewarding race. [Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering that I am 48.] F-stop shot this video of me crossing the finish.

Broad Street Run 10-Miler – PR! May 4, 2013
With more than 30,000 runners, this is the largest 10-miler in the U.S. – so large we had to enter a lottery to secure a place. It took place only a few weeks after Boston Marathon tragedy, so security was tight, and runners' hearts were heavy. All runners wore a sticker in support of Boston, and many of us also opted to wear "Red Sox" as an added layer of kinship. [Mine are anklets, but if you look closely, you'll see they are red.]

So focused....
It was my 3rd time running Broad Street, and it's one of my favorite races to run – energizing crowds and fast, flat course.

"Almost there....gasp, gasp!" I'm at 10 o'clock.
I surprised myself by knocking almost 10 minutes off my PR....

Crossing the finish line! Not sure if I am smiling or grimacing, probably the latter.

 Philadelphia Bar Association 5K – May 19, 2013
I don't have any other pictures from this race but my stainless steel award matches my kitchen!

This race took place on a rainy, chilly Saturday. Course was slick and it was a dreaded "gun time" race, so everyone crowded the front of the line, jostling for position. To my surprise, I snagged 2nd in my division.

 ODDysey Half Marathon –hot, hot, hot! PR! June 9, 2013
    Sweaty Betty! I used to hate my muscular legs. But now that I'm 48, considering gravity and the alternative, I am okay with them. 
    This is one of my Philly favorite races. People dress up in crazy costumes [hence the "ODD,"] and there are optional obstacles to complete along the way. The course used to be flat but they changed it this year and it now includes many more hills. The weather was crazy-hot. At the last minute I decided to ditch my singlet and just wear my running bra and shorts. Good decision. While I stripped down to to beat the heat, some tougher souls ran in head-to-toe costumes, like this girl dressed as the Lucky Charms character. How she ran in that beard, I'll never know!
    This girl ran 13.1 in the heat in this get-up.

    On the lighter side, this guy wore a thong/mankini. I actually ran behind him for a spell, and I heard one spectator yell at him, "You must be crazy 'cuz I can see your nuts." Only in Philly. At least he was cool!
    Mankini man
    Performance-wise, I really did not expect much since I am more of a 5K kind of racer. Plus it was hot. Unseasonably hot.

    This shot was taken at around mile 11 and I was working hard but feeling okay.

    Amazingly, I came in 4th in my division 40-49. [Divisions are usually 5 years, but this particular race refused to go with this convention, I suspect because of economic reasons!] I was beyond happy with my result, especially given the heat and all those hills!

    F-stop took this shot post-race. He's been there at every finish line with open arms to greet his sweaty girl! I'm very lucky he is so supportive. 
    What's next? I'm nursing a minor hip injury, but once that's healed, I will probably do a few tune up races this summer and fall, including the Rock and Roll Half here in Philly. Then in November, it's...gulp!...time to run my first marathon. I'm a little excited and a little afraid. 26.2 miles is a long way to go. My plan is not to race it, but simply to run it and see how my body [and mind] handles the distance.

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    Andrea said...

    I'm really impressed, Dynise, with your strength and determination. Fabulous achievements! I would be thrilled with muscular legs, or muscular anything, really.

    echowoman said...

    Congratulations on all your major are an inspiration to middle of the pack runners like me! I had an awesome spring with races and it has been really difficult keeping it all up this summer in the heat and humidity! I am running the Philly marathon in November as well as my first (and possibly only!) marathon.
    As an aside, the costumes people wear in races crack me the Philly half marathon last year there were two guys dressed as the ghostbusters ( with the guns) and an old man in one piece footie pajamas. Just...why?

    foodfeud said...

    Congratulations on yr PRs! I used to run a lot more than I do now and I wish I had kept with it. That mankini man is...scary. maybe it helped you run faster to get past him!

    Joey said...

    Congratulations here too - respect definitely due (mostly to you, but a bit to the mankini guy for leaving the house like that!)

    Andrea said...

    btw, the mankini guy would have seemed modest at the Fremont Solstice parade. It's situational, I guess.