Monday, January 25, 2010

odds and sods

A quick look at what I've been eating and doing lately.
Waffles and Deep-Fried Seitan at Mih La [good-n-greasy, guilty pleasure!]

Tofu with Delicata Squash, Edamame and Toasted Walnuts.

Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Nooch [Nooch = Nutritional Yeast]

Doing: Cooking demos. While demoing at the Broadway Panhandler in NYC, I was lucky enough to meet fellow blog buddies Christo of Chez What? and Andréa of Brazil Nut. Andréa brought me the best-smelling papaya soap [vegan, of course] from Sao Paolo.

Hanging with the kitties. This is "Buttons," sitting on my lap while I talk to Lisa on the phone. [Yes, this is the once "feral" cat who hid behind the water heater for 4 weeks.]

Dr X installed shelves so the kitties can look out the windows. Pablo especially loves them. He sends morse code messages to the cats in the windows across the street.

Bossa Nova loves the shelves, too, but she prefers to take her beauty rest on terra firma.


Anonymous said...

Care to elaborate on the waffles, fruit and deep-fried seitan dish? I don't quite get that one. Is it breakfast? Do you eat it with syrup?

doggybloggy said...

hey I resemble that guy....It was sure nice to finally meet you and before your gig is up in Manhattan we need to grab a bite - maybe you can come downtown and we can eat at Angelicas - do you like that place?

urban vegan said...

I didn't get the deep fried seitan either. I guess I should have eaten it with syrup in retrospect, but it was rich enough as is. The waffles were great and tinged with nutmeg.

awkwardamanda said...

My cat shares the same love for windows. In fact she has a window trifecta where she scurries from each one, chirping at birds or mewing at the cats across the courtyard. I love it!


KleoPatra said...

Wow, i haven't been to your blog in some time and it even more eye appealing than i remembered. Great pix, so good to see you!! Deep fried anything always makes me wary... i wish i was more open to that style of "cooking" but... You cannot go wrong with waffles, by the way. Ever ever ever. So happy they can be made very deliciously without eggs and dairy. Hooray!! xo Dy
"kleo" (and chloe)
P.S. gonna keep this photo of Mattie going in her honor. Wish you could've met her.

Andréa N. said...

I LOVE Brussels sprouts!

We look good, don't we? :) I loved to finally give you a big hug.

Your cats are so delicious. I want to squeeze them.

bazu said...

I want shelves for my kitties too! Can you bring Dr. X up here for a little DIY action? =)

new jersey workers compensation said...

Some awesome plates. Cheers!

klint said...

I'm always exceptionally disappointed when people say they like Mi Lah. I gave that place another chance on the Sunday that just passed and it was, without a doubt, in my top five worst restaurant experiences ever. The "fresh fruit plate" of two slices of cantaloupe and half an apple was a joke. The service was atrocious. And the food? Everything was bland and greasy and all the spice selections seemed like someone with no concept of flavor picked them. Woof. Will not return!

urban vegan said...

Klint: I hear you! I didn't say I loved Mi Lah...but I did like the seitan and waffle. To be fair, I've only been there once, and I though the service was horrendous.

Eric said...

Interesting..I have been a few time (only for weekday lunches) and have always had excellent service. Has your experiences only been on the weekends? I have not had all that much on the menu but the tofu sandwich is quite good.

Virginie Péan said...

Interesting the waffles and seitan. I would have never imagined this. Was it a dessert or a salt/sweet dish ? Was the seitan sweet ?
Cats are so nice. Buttons enjoys being petted indeed. We've got shelves under our windows too and Pilo loves sitting or sleeping there. It's a good spot for spying the neighborhood (birds included). This kind of shelves is standard in Sweden, while it is quite rare in France.

buffalodick said...

Lucky Christo! You look great!

weeseaweed said...

i should comment more, but i don't. still, i gave you a blog award.

Shelton said...

I became a vegan on January 1st (I've been a vegetarian for over a year). A week ago I bought your cook book in Denver. Last night we made your Curry Cashew Casserole and served it over whole grain rotini. All I can say is YUMMY! It is SO good and so easy to make. We plan on serving it when we have friends to dinner.
Today for lunch we're having your dijon vinaigrette dressing on our salads.

Seattle DUI attorney said...

Those brussel sprouts look awesome. Great post. :)

Julie said...

Yum - those waffles look delish. I just received "skinny bitch in the kitch' and can't wait to start trying those recipes as well as yours!

J.G. said...

I'm so glad you kept Buttons! She was meant to be yours.

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