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my kitch'n :: paris restaurant review

My Kitch'n vegan restaurant in Paris
Jennifer Eric, owner of and head chef at My Kitch'n in Paris

When I was in Paris for Paris Vegan Day, my friend Aurelia told me about her friend's wondrous little vegan restaurant, My Kitch'n, located in the market in the up-and-coming Batignolles neighborhood. Jennifer Eric is the brainchild behind this plantalicious gem, emblazoned with her signature "sexy mouth eating raspberry" logo and decorated with a mish-mash of funky flea-market treasures, harlequin dishes, and bright hand-painted signs.

My Kitch'n vegan restaurant in Paris
My Kitch'n – homey, like your kitch'n

Not every vista is cheerful, though; ironically in the covered Batignolles Market where the restaurant is located, Jennifer faces a butcher and shares her space with vendors who sell myriad animal products to the meat-loving French. In fact, the City of Paris was hesitant to grant her a lease because they doubted the financial feasibility of a plant-based restaurant in Paris [The covered markets are actually run by the city.]

Jennifer, prepping take out for hungry customers.

But happily, Jennifer has developed a loyal following, silencing the naysayers. When my friend Elisabeth and I stopped by to see her, a steady stream of customers rolled by. Some sat in the charmingly kitschy dining area and quietly devoured their meals. Others came to the counter and ordered plats à emporter [take out].

creamy veggie curry Paris
Creamy veggie curry

When I stopped by, it was unseasonably chilly and damp in Paris for October, so the curry with brown rice spoke to me. It warmed me to my soul – so creamy and comforting, perfectly seasoned and dotted with a rainbow of nutritious veggies. Jennifer only uses fresh, organic ingredients and whole foods. Born in Sweden, she cut her teeth at restaurants in Europe and in Dubai and also earned an MBA – helpful when launching a business.

My Kitch'n mobile
What about advertising? Word of mouth helps, but Jennifer has also emblazoned her tiny smart car with her signature, sexy lips logo. She's been know to park it strategically in front of burger joints and butcher shops.

green juice, my Kitch'n Paris
Green juice
Elisabeth ordered a tall green juice, which was fresh and delicious.

Jennifer gave us a taste of her hearty quinoa pilaf, punctuated with veggies and creamy avocado dressing.

Raw fig tart

The grand finale? Elisabeth and I split the raw fig tart – so gooey and caramelly.....

raw fig tart My Kitch'n Paris

...We washed it down with strong coffee. It did not last long.

Sweet aside: During lunch, Elisabeth also gave me a chocolate bar laced with intense black licorice. The flavor was so unusual – sort of like a sweet umami tidal wave in each bite. I loved it!

If you're in Paris, be sure to stop at My Kitch'n for lunch, a smoothie or a light dinner. You'll feel like you are supping in a friend's kitchen – or more aptly, kitch'n.


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foodfeud said...

A chocolate with licorice in it sounds so interesting! On the other dessert front, wow to that raw fig tart - I bet the coffee was perfect with it.
I love to hear about how Paris is becoming more vegan friendly! That curry looks like it could turn anyone's mind.

coconutandberries said...

I'm sad I missed this place during my time in Paris! Maybe it wasn't open then? I lived there for 6 months in 2012.
Great to see more veggie places popping up all over :) said...

What a great looking spot, I haven't been to Paris for a few years but I'll be sure to pay this place a visit next time I'm there.

Amey said...

how cool! I haven't been to Paris in about 15 years, and it sure sounds like a MUCH more vegan-savvy place nowadays. It was rough back then! One of these days I"ll definitely make it back for another visit. :)

Anonymous said...

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decrease the vibes of what we eat...thus affecting our health... vegetarian lifestyle is also more conducive to achieving total peace of mind.
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Babette said...

How long has it been open? It looks like a very fun place.

Anonymous said...

What a great initiative! Vegan resto in Paris, yes, please! xxx

The green juice, the dessert & the rest of the food looks great & very tasty too! x

My 2 days Paris Trip Itinerary said...

Wow. . What a cool restaurant it is ? ? ? I will definitely give a visit here in my upcoming Paris tour. Your images are so charming and food items also look so mouth watering.

The Vegan Nigerian said...

This is great - if I'm ever in Paris I'll be sure to check them out! :)

Omen shara said...
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