Thursday, October 31, 2013

punkin' needs help ... please?

Punkin' was rescued from the mean streets of Philly this morning. He is friendly, handsome and needs a forever home
I am backed up on reviews and posts from my Paris trip, but a more urgent matter prevails. Last week, I noticed some sweet white kittens on the path where I sometimes run near Philadelphia's Art Museum. I started feeding them and asking fellow runners and walkers about them....

One of the white kittens we're trying to trap-neuter-release. This guy actually may be able to be socialized if you are patient. He's very curious (I took this from inside my car). The other white one is super timid.
The folks I spoke to confirmed seeing the white kittens and also a larger ginger cat. How cute is this little guy? I started bringing food for them.

The same kitten, hiding under a car.
I also contacted Green Street Rescue [GSR] my local cat rescue, to borrow some traps and get some help. GSR does great work at trap-neuter-releasing Philly ferals. They also find homes for strays who ended up on the streets. Kathy, the president, had lent me the traps to catch Pablo and Buttons [RIP]. I also borrowed traps from GSR to catch many other strays in my neighborhood [which we subsequently found homes for], and used them to help other friends trap strays in their area.

Poor Punkin' was not a happy camper after he realized he'd been trapped. Here he is in the back of my car. Hopefully this is the first step to a happier life for him
So this morning, I set out bright and early intent on trapping one or both of the white kittens. I had never seen the ginger boy before but he walked right up to me today – timid but hungry and meowing for food. The kittens, who run from humans, seem to be feral, though the bolder one could probably be socialized with a lot of love and patience. But this ginger boy, Punkin', was social and was obviously either lost or had been dumped by his owner. He basically ate a bite of tuna then walked into the trap. He was not a happy camper in the trap, as you can see, but he seems to be doing better now, based on the photos Kathy sent. His temporary name is Punkin' since he's orange like a pumpkin, he's a little street "punk" kitty, and I trapped him on Halloween.

Punkin' enjoying his first dinner inside in at least two years
Kathy took him to the Pet Mechanic to get fixed. They discovered he was already fixed, microchipped and adopted in 2011. But sadly, no one registered the microchip. This means he is either lost or was dumped. [Probably the latter] He's recovering at Kathy's from a day at the vet, where he got basic shots and maintenance.

Punkin' is  resting comfy inside tonite. Look at that face. 
Can you help Punkin?
This little boy is gorgeous – incredible markings, and shy but friendly. They say ginger cats are the friendliest ones. He desperately needs a home or a foster home. He does not deserve to live on the streets. Can you please help? Contact me if you are interested or cross post. And I'm happy to do whatever I can to help. If you are in a reasonable area in the megalopolis from NYC to Washington DC, I will happily drive him to you, or meet you halfway. Whatever it takes. Please help this sweet, deserving guy.

If this is too much of a commitment, we also need 1 or 2 "recovery" homes lined up for the white kitties post surgery. This would only involve caring for them from 1 day to 1 week after their neutering, depending on their sex and recovery time. If you have a spare room and can lend a hand, again, I would do everything possible to make it easy for you. These kitties need our help.

Also, please look at the Green Street Rescue site and check out all the other wonderful, adoptable kitties waiting for forever homes, Thank you, friends. Food news soon.

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The Peace Patch said...

Yay for you and your giant kitten-loving heart! It's true, ginger cats are the sweetest...I hope he finds a home soon. He's too charmingly cute to be an orphan! :)

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chickpea and olive said...

he is beautiful. how is he with other cats, kids, and dogs?

urban vegan said...

Chickpea: He seems very good with other cats. Not sure about dogs, but he's in a shelter now where there are dogs so I think he tolerates them :)

As far as kids, I am not sure but I do know this little guy is super friendly and not at all shy with people as most cats are. He warms right up to you within seconds. Are you in Philly?

chickpea and olive said...

no. we are in nyc. we have a cat and a dog. not sure how our cat is with other cats since she was a stray we found on the street.