Thursday, August 15, 2013

cray-cray days

Getting in touch with my inner  Georgia O'Keeffe

Work's been crazy. Marathon training's been crazy. Book promotion's been crazy. Life's been crazy.

But I like to be busy, and it's better than the alternative ['though a little rest every now and then is nice}. Still the fact is, tonight I only have enough energy to share a few quick photos and the winner of the Vejibag contest. Then I'm settling down with the kitties and a glass of wine to watch Project Runway. First things first....congratulations.....drumroll.....Shannon. Email me girl, so we can send you your prize.

Now for some random shots. They help me remember to slow down, take it all in, and appreciate the little things – loved ones human and furry, fab food, strong health and delectable vistas. Life is good. I have much to be thankful for.

Gorgeous organic black figs. [Watch for my easy Fig Tart recipe this weekend.]
You know it's a good day when they order Middle Eastern for a client at work and there are leftovers: falafel and salatim 
You know it's an even better day when you walk through Whole Foods after work, and they're giving away full-size sample slices of their vegan Chocolate-Marble Pound Cake. It's moist,  it's chocolatey [marble is just decoration], and I want more post-haste.

Random Run Shots
I'm enjoying the high mileage base-building that marathon training requires; I run about 50-53 miles a week. It agrees with me. Running before work is a peaceful time to gather my thoughts– the calm before the hectic storm of a day. I take my water belt on long runs in the heat.

Sunrises, aka, run-rises: one of the great pleasures of running early. [Instagram filters are like silicone for sunrises.]

Another run-rise, this one over Boathouse Row.
Run-sun rising behind Falls Bridge.
I commune with nature during long runs. Here's a bridge I see along a trail here in Philly.

Crazy clouds over the Philly skyline on my way back home.

This the guilt-inducing good bye I get from Pablo as I leave for work.
This is the sad little pony I see during my surreal walk to work 

And in the meantime, this is what Bossa Nova is doing.
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echowoman said...

Your pictures make me miss Philly so much! And congratulations on your new cookbook...I just got it and am planning on making the Greek spinach pie for dinner tonight!

Andrea said...

What a fun post — great photos. I especially enjoyed seeeing some of my favorite Philly spots — boathouse row, the Falls bridge, etc. Bossa Nova knows how to chill! said...

Leftover Middle Easter food and free vegan cake?! Hell yes, what a great week!