Thursday, May 02, 2013

the week in pictures

What a busy, fun week – so much food, running, and good times with loved ones. I'll let the images do the talking.

Spring is here in all her glory. F-stop's cherry tree is a giant pink umbrella.

Tulips on my running path are in full bloom

Created a new recipe – Truffled Vegan Cheese Steak – for the Vegan Culinary Experience. Watch for it soon; free subscription!
Perfect grilling weather. F-stop cooked up a ton of asparagus to perfection.
Also enjoyed some fab meals out. Stacey and I shared carbilicious Dan-Dan Noodles at Han Dynasty before the Lila Downs concert. [Best concert I've seen in ages. What a talent!]

We also split some spicy, tasty tofu.

It's fun getting packages instead of junk mail. I ordered provisions from Vegan Essentials. The Caramel Nougat and Moo Bars [which Sue got me hooked on] are addictively yummy.

My order from 100% Pure also arrived. I love their cosmetics, most of which are vegan. [Now that I'm running about 45-50 miles per week, I go through shower gel like water, so I need the super size.]
Finally, after 20 years, I broke down and bought a new vacuum. As you can see, Pablo approves.
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melodyfairitale said...

Woa, 50 miles is a lot, wish I could pull that off!
I was just thinking about how I want to try something from 100%, have you tried any of their make-up too (foundation for example)?
+ the cherry tree is incredibly beautiful ♡

Andrea said...

Good to see that spring has come to Philly — being outdoors is so much more pleasant when it sunny and warm! I've been getting the "get out the grill" urge but I still don't believe the weather will stay pleasant for more than a couple of days at a time.

GlutenFreeHappyTummy said...

what gorgeous photos! and what a cute cat! said...

That cherry tree is so beautiful and it looks like you've been creating and eating some great food. What a brilliant week!

Millie said...

Beautiful photos Dynise...makes you want to go out and play.