Friday, February 08, 2013

creepy-creamy farina

Farina is yummy. The kid on the farina box is creepy.
On a cold, winter morning, nothing is more comforting to me than a creamy bowl of farina. It's quick to make, sticks to your ribs, and carries you through until lunch time. Plus it lends itself beautifully to improvisation. Yesterday, I cooked my farina with dates, and sweetened it up further with just a dab of maple syrup. Eating it from my favorite cat cup instead of a bowl made it that much more special. Presentation is everything.

Incidentally, farina itself is not creepy. But the illustration of the kid on the box is ├╝ber creepy. What's in his other hand, I wonder? A knife? A gun? Is he going to try to bite me with his perfect, creepy little teeth? If Farina Mills changes its box design, I'd venture to guess that the farina-phobic would suddenly experience miraculous recoveries.

Cold morning comfort

Creamy Farina with Dates and Maple Syrup

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3 T farina
  • 2 dates chopped
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 T pecans or other favorite nut, chopped
  • Dab Earth Balance or coconut oil [optional]
  • Non-dairy milk, to taste [optional[
Serves 1

Heat water and salt to boiling. Whisk in farina, a little at a time. Whisk continuously or it will get lumpy. Add dates and maple syrup and cook until it reaches your desired thickness--about 3 minutes. Top with a dab of Earth Balance or coconut oil if you like – even 1/8 tsp  makes the farina that much more luxurious. Add non-dairy milk to taste, if you like [I just eat mine without].

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Dreena said...

omgosh, I grew up eating cream of wheat - you have brought back memories. Yes, time for them to update their packaging!! ;)

Unknown said...

yeah that kid is creepy. i think it's the teeth... and brainwashed expression. (~erica in pdx)

coconutandberries said...

Haha I kind of like the retro box! This looks so creamy and restorative-looking :) I've not tried cream of wheat but it sort of looks like overcooked couscous! (or oatbran I guess).

Babette said...

I have a sudden craving for cream of wheat. I love that stuff. But I think I like cream of barley even more.

Jennifer Lynskey said...

A warm mug of Cream of Wheat with brown sugar was a treat over cold cereal when I was a kid. My husband on the other hand was always given farina for breakfast in the winter and he spend a lot of time trying to fling it on the ceiling or feed it to the dog.

dawn kuhns said...

I agree with you on all counts. And am now desperately jealous of your awesome cat cup!

veggie4ayear said...

Looks yummy! I am always in search of new breakfast ideas. I will have to try this one.

Joey said...

I think it's the weird dead eyes that make him look like he's just not right.

So farina's a new thing on me - what's it made of? Is it like porridge?

Millie said...

I love, love, love cream of is so soothing on a cold Winter morning. I have even eaten it for dinner when I don't want to cook...delicious.

Anonymous said...

Farina is amazing! 50% RDA of iron & 20% of your calcium in one fell swoop. Plus, all that winter-warm full feeling for only 120 calories, so adding nuts and berries (mmmm) doesn't kill if you're trying to reduce calories. I eat it almost daily with a little stevia and vanilla extract. -Lisa