Saturday, January 12, 2013

vegan cuts review, 5 lucky readers get second box free!

Who doesn't love a surprise? The Vegan Cuts subscription snack box is gaining popularity in vegan circles. It's filled with a range of tasty treats, some savory, some sweet, all vegan. It's like getting a healthy present every 30-odd days. The nice folks at Vegan Cuts sent me a box to review. Boxes are tricky because, when you think about it. you can't please everyone. I recently reviewed a Healthy Surprise box, for example, but those items were tailored to gluten-free raw foodists – people who eat much more virtuously than me. I'm happy to report that if you generally eat healthily but also like an indulgence here and there, you will probably love the Vegan Cuts box. At $19 a month, it's a bargain and a fun way to sample new products. Everything in my box just happened to be gluten-free.

Eat your heart out, Slim Jim

Here's what my Vegan Cuts box included, in my order of preference:

  • Nori-Wrapped Power Wrap, Texas BBQ flavor: This was my favorite item in the box. Think of it as a vegan slim Jim. The product name is a bit long and awkward, but it was truly delicious and impeccably flavored – a little sweet, a little savory and salty. Chewy. And a portion of the purchase protects cows. Moo-ya!
  • Angel Organic Candy Bar: This angelically light chocolate bar reminded me of Wispa bars that used to be sold in the UK [Are Wispas still around?]. I also like the fact that the portion is appropriate; the king-size candy bars prevalent here in the US just encourage overeating and under-tasting.  
  • Just Persimmon dried fruit bag: I'm not the world's biggest dried-fruit fan, but in addition to being vitamin-rich, these tiny flecks of dried persimmon were surprisingly flavorful.
  • Raw Rev Organic Live Food Bar – Cherry Chocolate Chunk flavor: Flavor-packed power bar. The perfect snack to take along on a long run or bike ride. 
  • Organic Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs: Cacao nibs enrobed in silky dark chocolate? Yes, please. Plus the purchase directly supports sustainable farming.
  • Carrot Crisps flavored with paprika: I'm not the world's biggest dried carrot fan, but as dried carrots, these tasted good, and the paprika was a nice contrast to the sweetness. Not many single-serve chip or pretzel bags can give you the 50% RDA of Vitamin A and 70% RDA of Vitamin C that these little orange wonders do. Of course, I love that these are made in Poland. [Yay!]
I also got:
  • 4 travel-sized Organic Indulgence lotions (French Lavender and Plumeria, Sweet Cherry and Almond, Orchard Pear and Fig, White Nectarine and Orange Blossom): Silky smooth with gorgeous scents
  • A cute Vegan Cuts button
  • A candy cane: [I received my package over the holidays] A perfectly respectable, intensely peppermint candy cane

Special offer for 5 lucky – and quick – readers!

The first 5 people who sign up for the Vegan Cuts snack box for first time and reply to the email confirmation with the code "urbanveganfree" get  their second box free / $19 credit added to their account. Sweet!

The catch? You need to register by the January 15 deadline. So if you want this, don't wait!

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Mattheworbit said...

I'm not sure about these boxes - they seem like an interesting idea of trying new products at best, and at worst, a way of a company quickly and cheaply selling sample size products. I don't think we have anything like this in Oz yet!

urban vegan said...

Actually, the food items were full-size. The only sample sizes were the lotions.