Thursday, January 31, 2013

contest winners and misc meals

Violet and I shared the Sweet Potato Fries last week at HipCityVeg. Sweet-salty perfection.
Just a quick post today to announce recent contest winners and share a few shots of what I've been consuming lately. My poor F-stop had some surgery earlier in the week, and is in the hospital for a few more days, so obviously, he is my main focus.

We also split HipCityVeg's famous "Groothie," made from spinach, pineapple, banana and apple.
Without further ado, the winner of the DermOrganics haircare giveaway is...drumroll....Suburban Snow White! And the winner of the Colativa olive oil contest is Vegan Fazool! Please email me your mailing addresses, ladies. Congratulations, and thanks to all who entered.

I finally made the Tempeh Helper from Isa Moskowitz' Appetite for Reduction Comfort food with a capital COMFORT. And it's low-fat and low-cal!
With my honey in the hospital, I've been consuming lots of salads, smoothies, leftovers and hospital sushi [the cafeteria actually makes a tasty avocado roll]. But I'll be posting more recipes soon. Send F-stop some healing vibes, please?

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Dawn said...

Awesome, thanks, Dynise! I emailed ya'. Hope F-stop gets better soon! And you reminded me that I need to make another batch of homemade starter is gonna be kaput soon!


Bianca said...

Hope F-Stop feels better soon!! And isn't that Tempeh Helper amazing?! Love that recipe!

Suburban Snow White said...

Thank you so much! How exciting! I emailed you, but wanted to thank you publicly as well. And I'm sending F-stop lots of super positive vibes. :)

Thank you again!

Johanna said...

It's time for me to make that Tempeh Helper. I'll be in the hospital next week for a couple of days, so before or after I get out?

urban vegan said...

Hospital? I hope you are on the mend, sweetie :( Hospitals are no fun.

Andrea said...

Hope F-stop recovers quickly!

Jennifer said...

I hope F-stop is feeling better soon!

Joey said...

More get well soon wishes to add to the pile. Hope it's as good as these things can be.

That tempeh helper is calling to me! Was it quick to make?

urban vegan said...

Thanks. It's easy to make, but it's a multi-step process. It's good if you just want a big bowl of comfort.