Monday, December 10, 2012

twinkies, veganized and winner

Twinkies, made with pronounceable, cholesterol-free ingredients
Oh yes I did! No special pans required. You can find my reflections on the death of this cultural icon plus the recipe and photo tutorial at the ever-fabulous Girlie Girl Army.
My Twinkie recipe uses a DIY recyclable Twinkie mold
Vegan Twinkies with creamy, dreamy filling

And now for the winner of the Smarter Cookies contest. Congratulations.....drumroll....Holly French! Please email me with your address so we can ship out your cookies.

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Cadry's Kitchen said...

Wow, your Twinkies look phenomenal!

Andrea said...

I've never actually had a twinkie. Next up should be to veganize a tastykake chocolate kreamie. I have had a few of those. :)

Joey said...

If I had a hat, I'd take it off - those look pretty darn special. I've never had a twinkie either, but judging from those pictures, I think I'd love them!

It's Carmen said...

Looks spectacular!

Ariel said...

I made these and they were great! I personally think real twinkies taste like death and these definitely did not. My vegan cream cheese was disgusting and moldy so I substituted earth balance for the cream cheese and shortening. Still delicious! Just the icing was a bit grainy and runny.
Also, you failed to mention the baking temp! But, I cooked at 325 f for half an hour and it was fine.
Thank you for the fab recipe! My friends and family loved them!

Ariel said...

*Oh and also used food coloring because I was really scared I would taste nutritional yeast. That stuff tastes so bad.

urban vegan said...

Thanks for the feedback -- glad you liked these and good to know about the EB. And sorry about the omission. I checked my notes and baking temp/time is 350 oven for 30-35 minutes. I wrote to ChloƩ Jo at Girlie Girl Army and asked her to update.

By the way, there's so little nooch in these that you can't taste it. But I supposed an all-natural food coloring would also work ;) I personally love nooch.

Ariel said...

Okay, if I make these again then I will add the nooch. I just hate it so much! It's more the smell than anything. Does yours smell too? I don't really see how it tastes like cheese either. Are there different brands that taste different? I don't know what I use but it's not my taste.

urban vegan said...

I've always bought my nooch (nutritional yeast) from the bulk bins at Whole Foods. No, my nooch does not smell --so maybe you have a bad batch. Its taste resembles cheese, but it's a very mild flavor. I would definitely try another brand and would not use the kind you have in anything else. What kind are you using? Have you checked the expiration date?

If the next brand you try smells/tastes odd to you, well then I think we can definitely diagnose you with an aversion to nooch ;)