Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 :: the year in random pictures

Mini raw pies from my upcoming pie cookbook
Ah, the nostalgia that comes with December 31. After a string of hellish years – and accompanying difficult-to-swallow life lessons –  my planets finally got their act together in 2012. Looking back, I have much to be thankful for, some of it via kismet and some via my own design; important to distinguish between the two.

My health improved after my surgeries. I remain in a solid, wonderful relationship with the proverbial man of my dreams. After my health-induced hiatus, I am more in love with running than ever – I even set PRs in every race I ran this year. I wrote another cookbook – one that I am especially proud of – and F-stop photographed it – fun! We traveled to St Martin twice. I finally remodeled my kitchen. Truly, I am blessed.

Happiness is finishing another cookbook then cooking recipes from someone else's! BBQ Black-Eyed Peas Collard Rolls from Veganomicon

Of course, 2012 had it's bad points, too. Buttons has been getting up in years and her health has been declining [but I never underestimate my little tuxedo waif kitty: she is powerful]. I learned that friendship can be as fickle as the weather – and in other cases, stronger than time. My love of running led to an overuse injury (IT band syndrome). But life is in balance.

I'm a bit stuffed after all the holiday feasts, so instead of sharing a recipe, I thought I'd recap 2012 by sharing a few, random "behind-the-scenes" pictures that didn't make it to blog posts. Happy 2013, amigos!

Pablo grooming little Buttons. 

Pablo and Bossa Nova cuddling. Pablo loves everyone. Bossa, not so much!

F-stop and I were greeted by flowers and a complementary bottle of wine in our hotel room in St. Martin. Flowers everywhere: on bed, on paper towel roll, on TP roll!

Me, PRing in the Rothman 8K, chip time, 39:10, 7:52 pace. 7th in my age group! It was very cold that day. I ran for Team Vegan Philly. We raised money for the Humane League.

Me and my Cioci Regina at her 90th birthday party. She does not look [or act!] 90. I hope I inherited her genes. Her young spirit is inspiring!

My favorite 2012 Philly vegan breakfast dish out: vegan French toast at Green Eggs Cafe.

F-stop and I spent a weekend in Cape May but the weather was so bad, we left early. This was the storm before Sandy, extra drama courtesy of Instagram. What a year of weather. 
[This is MY photo, by the way, Instagram. I took it. I own it. So there.] 

Happy, healthy 2013!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a great year! Are you of Polish origin? "Cioci Regina" sounds almost Polish (it should be ciocia if you mean aunt :).Vegan hugs from Poland for you, for the cats and for Ciocia Regina of course!
J ( )

foodfeud said...

Happy New Year, Dynise! It's been an up and down one for me but highlights are always great to reflect on. I love the cuddling kitties picture!

urban vegan said...

Yes I am, Anonymouse--100%!

My parents spoke Polish growing up. I had lots of cioci and a babci, too :)

And we ate pierogies, bleenies (blini), cruschicki (sic), and saying "Na zdrowie!" Hugs & Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

urban vegan said...

PS: We always spelled it's like a diminutive, a pet way of saying it.

Anonymous said...

haha, great! Pierogies and bleenis are delicious and have many vegetarian versions but I had no slightest idea what crushicki mean. Now, after a quick search I know that this is how you call chrusty (chrusciki) - very tasty and delicate cookies (traditionally fried in lard, so I guess you have modified this method). BTW bleenis are not strictly Polish, they are rather Russian but popular in the eastern part of Poland. Now I need to get ready for the New Year's Eve party (it's 7.30PM here) but I will definitely visit your blog on a regular basis during the forthcoming year. Happy New Year - Janusz

urban vegan said...

Yes, Janusz, we never fried our chrusty/chrushicki in lard :) And my babci grew up in Eastern Poland in Bialystok, right near Belorus, hence my family's love of bleenies. (She said back then, she could see the border from her farm!). My other grandmother grew up in Wroclaw. Not sure about my grandfathers but they are also from Poland, one from Warsaw, I think. Enjoy your party! Happy 2013!

Urban_Lake said...

You've just made me very hungry! Have a great New Year and 2013 :)

Theresa said...

Happy 2013, Dynise. I hope the year is wonderful and sparkly :)

Amey said...

great pictures Dynise! SNUGGLING KITTIES! We have so many pets, but none of them ever snuggle with each other like that. If they did, I would be all over it with my camera, for sure! Also, I can't believe your Cioci Regina is 90!!!! She looks about 70 in that picture! How wonderful. Here's to a new year filled with peace and discovery.

Jennifer said...

Happy new year, Dynise! Hope your 2013 is as great (or better!) as 2012. Love the snuggling kitty picture and awesome PR in the Rothman 8k...I can only dream of being that fast!

urban vegan said...

If this old lady can run that fast, you certainly can! Happy 2013!

urban vegan said...


urban vegan said...

HAPPY 2013!

urban vegan said...

Back at you, my well-read amiga!

urban vegan said...

Happy New Year to you and your furry (and not-so-furry) brood, Amey! xx

Andrea said...

I hope your upward streak continues with good health, good love, good runs and good luck! The photo of Pablo and Bossa Nova is priceless.

Joey said...

happy new year! hope 2013 keeps getting better!

Celine Steen said...

Happy 2013, dear Dynise!
I cannot wait to see your pie cookbook, that pic looks amazing.
And your Cioci Regina looks like I want to look if I ever reach 90.