Thursday, October 25, 2012

vegan mofo :: gratuitous kitties and contest winner

"Will you shut down the computer already? I'm trying to sleep."
I had every intention of posting another recipe tonight, but it's already 9:30, I'm pooped, and I haven't had a proper supper yet. Other than sneaking out for a quick 6-mile run, I've been recipe testing and photo-shoot prepping for the new cookbook all day long....

Buttons is getting up there. Vet estimates her to be between 16-19. She's lost a lot of weight, and she clearly has arthritis in her back hips and walks with effort, poor baby. But she seems happy with her routine and life here, and she loves to snuggle with me on the couch. I'm glad she is spending her retirement years with me and the kitty crew. 
So, tomorrow, I'll post my new recipe. And tonight, instead, I'll post some gratuitous kitty photos and the winner of the cookbook contest. 

What, you may ask, do gratuitous kitty photos have to do with Vegan Mofo? Well, they are helping me announce the winner of the cookbook contest, right? And they are here with me all day while I cook and blog.

The kitties usually cuddle with me, but occasionally, I catch them cuddling with each other. It brings a little tear of happiness to my eye.

Bossa Nova has gotten sweeter over the years. She is the smartest kitty I've ever known, and she always makes me laugh.

Pablo, the kitty who looks like a cow, attacked an innocent paper towel today as I wrote recipes. I had to yank it out from under him. I don't need to deal with an intestinal blockage right now!

Did anyone notice the ...ahem! ... theme here? Gratuitous kitty shots? That's a hint...

I am extremely excited beyond belief to announce the winner of the "Let Them Eat Vegan!" giveaway because it happens to be our very own, adorable and psychedelic Kittee. [Email me, chica, so we can mail you your prize.] Congratulations Kittee and thanks to all who entered. And for those who didn't win, take heart, there will be more contests, soon.

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Andrea said...

Yay for Kittee!

Kittee Bee Berns said...

aw, yes! i am so excited. i have wanted this cookbook for a long while!!! thanks so much for hosting this dynise! and for your spiffy theme and for calling me psycho-delic.


Dreena said...

you are so clever Dynise, lol! Congrats Kittee!! Excited we'll be getting the cookbook in your gf hands. :)