Monday, August 13, 2012

what does a stove-less vegan eat?

How do you satisfy a serious sweet tooth when ovenless? Raw pies! This is a raw Clementine-Pistachio Tart, with heavy Middle Eastern influences: rosewater, sesame seeds, cinnamon.

The renovation continues [photos after the food porn]. This is my second week without a stove or dishwasher, and unfortunately, the earliest my plumber can come to install the gas line and rejigger some water lines is in 2 weeks. It's not a big deal; in the scheme of life's stresses, this is small potatoes and good stress.

How am I coping culinarily? In short, I've reconnected with my microwave and my penchant for raw desserts. Aside from noshing on a gargantuan dinner salad nightly, here's a snapshot of home of the home-made and packaged grub I've been consuming lately. Some is surprisingly good, and some is surprisingly, well....I'll let you judge from the photos.

Smoothies for breakfast. This one included flax milk, kale, blueberries and banana.

Muy bueno! Microwave burritos, made with corn tortillas, black beans, Teese and salsa....

...Dressed up by a cute jalapeno [minced] that my urban gardener friend Nikki kindly gifted me.

Field Roast Hot Dogs [with relish!] were a godsend. I looked forward to these for dinner, with a glass of vinho verde.
Like I said, I ate plenty of gargantuan salads, but I always do.

As I mentioned, making raw pies and tarts for dessert has satisfied my serious sweet tooth.  This is Raw Blueberry Cream Pie.

Raw Cacao-Almond Pie.

Je vous presente,  Raspberry Chia-Cream Pie.
Another shot of the Blueberry Cream Pies, served in silicon muffins cups. Ironically, I think cute silicon baking tools make interesting raw serving dishes.  

Renovation Information

Appliances are all here! This is my new gas stove. I currently have electric so the plumber needs to install a gas line.

It's a quality convection oven with lots of accoutrements. One bizarro function I could do without, though, is the "Chicken Nuggets" button.
My new 'fridge, the only usable appliance, still wrapped in its protective plastic. It's changed my life.

Bruce expertly rejiggered the wiring and cut a large hole in the wall so he could add makeshift reinforcement panels for my fancy-pants new extractor hood. Notice the lack of appliances – and the crappy excuse of a counter I've been living with all these years.

Next steps? Plumbing, appliance installation, granite counters, and tile.

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18 comments: said...

those raw pies look amazing! so do the burritos! yum!

Bobbie {thevegancrew} said...

That tart and those pies - gorgeous! Congrats on your kitchen renovation, too. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results!

Kier said...

A chicken nuggets feature?! That is so weird...

Miri said...

The first pie looks yummy! And the flavors sound great-just like something my Moroccan aunt would make.

Marissa said...

Oh, I remember you posting those raw tart pics on your twitter the other day. Any recipes for them coming up? The clementine one looks especially delicious. I love turning things that may be perceived as a problem (like no oven) into an excuse to get those creative juices flowing. Looks like you are making the very best of it!

Yummies4Dummies said...

Wow your food pictures look YUMMERSSSS!!!!

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