Tuesday, July 17, 2012

random visions of vegan restaurant yumminess

Over the past year, I've been intently focused on developing and sharing new vegan recipes. But I'm still a greedy and enthusiastic consumer of other people's chow. I eat out often – with F-stop, my girlfriends, and even solo. [Inexplicably, I used to hate eating alone, but now, I kind of like it]. Here's a quickie recap of some recent vegan restaurant meals I enjoyed here in Philadelphia and in New York.

Philly's Lemon Hill takes the humble olive appetizer to a new level. The citrus marinade is such a bright contrast to the olive's inherent bitterness. Lemon Hill doesn't skimp on quality, either. They use only the best olives punctuated by ginormous caper berries. Lemon Hill is known for its cocktails. I had the Double Cross. Doubly lethal!

French Dip at Lemon Hill. Earthy exotic mushrooms, sautéed in olive oil, served on French bread with a finer-than-diner dipping sauce. Skip the cheese and it's vegan.
Carb fest! Spreads-n-breads at Birra in Philly. White bean ragu [my fave], cured olive pesto and roasted garlic pesto

My new favorite: Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Terri in New York. The buffalo sauce is the best I've ever had.

Chocolate cupcake at Terri. I was not impressed by the the look of the icing, to be honest, but eating this cupcake ended up being a transcending experience: a moist, light and a fluffy-creamy vanilla experience.
I was tickled to run across Simply Rawnchy, a raw vegan food cart in New York. After noshing at Terri, I was too stuffed to try anything. But the menu looks fab, especially the juices. [Anyone been here?]

 Vegetable terrine sandwich at Prohibition, in my 'hood in Philly. Prohibition now offers many more vegan items, including a dessert or two! The terrine, crafted from shredded veggies and oats, was substantial and served with pickled vegetables, Vietnamese hoagie style. My only criticism is that the bread was too thick and obliterated the hearty taste of the terrine. 
Chickpea sandwich enjoyed on the roof deck of the Standard Tap, a Philadelphia institution. Simple, satisfying chickpea filling served on a grainy bread. My only "beef" was that we had to pay $3 to replace the fries with this rather meager salad and sub-par dressing.

What was your favorite recent vegan meal out?

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Anonymous said...

love love LOVE Terri -- its the best:) And i have yet to come across the food truck!! Have you tried Angelica Kitchen in the East Village? it is my fav Vegan restaurant in NYC!

Jane said...

Café Gratitude in Los Angeles. We love their "I am Whole" bowl, "I am transformed" and "I am magical". Everything is flavorful! You really must try when in California.

urban vegan said...

GFHT: I've been to Angelica but I am not crazy about it :/

Jane: Have to get there one of these days.

Bianca said...

Oh wow! Everything looks so delicious!! Especially that breads with spreads platter!

My most recent fave vegan meal out was a raspberry cream-filled vanilla-glazed doughnut at Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis. I haven't had a vegan doughnut since VCC....and we FINALLY have a place to get them here!

mamapasta said...

well , I a again and again surprise a how easy it is to eat vegan at your place and quite impossible in my French country side, so I open big eyes in front of your pictures...

foodfeud said...

I keep meaning to get to Terri but have yet to. Glad you liked it!
I did eat at the vegan food truck and wasn't all that pleased. I'm happy to see healthy food out of a truck, but it wasn't really anything special. The juices did look good, though.

Dennis said...

Those mushrooms look absolutely delicious.