Wednesday, June 27, 2012

st martin :: a photo essay

Just back from paradise: a week on a secluded beach on the French side of St. Martin with F-stop. I was on a 3-bikini rotation, lived in the water, and answered the call of the wild pina colada [and mojito and margarita]. What's not to love? I'll let the pictures do the talking. Main takeaway: This Urban Vegan would have no problem changing her name to the Caribbean Vegan.

The Digs

This is where we stayed. Not too shabby!

Dock near our room.

Banana tree in our backyard. It even flowered!
One morning, a handsome iguana decided to sun himself on a rock near the dock.
The beach where we hung out all day.

 Yes, the water is that blue.

An entire stray cat population calls the hotel home. Happily, the owners do the "trap-neuter-release" thang! These two were in charge of the water sports stand.

This little guy had eyes like the Caribbean.
I became an instant beach bum and started every morning with a jaunt on the paddle board.

F-stop swam like a fish. He practically had the turquoise water to himself.

The Grub: Not the Easiest Place to be Vegan

My first meal was a gorgeous veggie salad with a classic French vinaigrette. Oh, and a frozen strawberry margarita for me and a regular 'rita for F-stop.

Fresh fruit for breakfast. So refreshing in the heat.

I was thrilled to find a health food store called Bioman in Marigot, the capital of the French side. I stocked up on some of my favorite French and European vegan treats, including my beloved German Tartex pate.

Vegan low point of the vacation? A starch-centered meal at a popular local beach shack restaurant [they're called "Lolos"]: curried rice, plantains and a Johnny Cake. Oh, and dry rose. As long as I had cocktails, I was okay.

Speaking of cocktails, the mojitos were mintalicious.
Around the Island

We rented a car one day and took a drive around the island. These cows crossing the road caused a traffic jam. I felt like I was back in India.
This one had the good sense to stay on the sidewalk.

Funky abandoned hilltop rasta shack. A friend saw this picture and suggested I open a plant-based restaurant. Hmmm....

Baie Lucas Marine Preserve
Rescued this sea biscuit at Baie Lucas and put him back in the sea. Hope he made it, little cutie.

Our favorite thing to do at dusk was to lounge at our favorite cafe and watch the sun set

Would I go back to St. Martin? In a heartbeat! But I would pack some Tofurkey.

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Theresa said...

Gorgeous photos! Shame about the food, but at least plantains are yummy, and you had cocktails to fill you up. said...

wow, paradise is right! how beautiful!

linh and evan said...

st. martin/st marteen is the most beautiful place in the carribbean! i loved it when i was there!! i would also go back there in a heartbeat :)

Kip said...

Looks absolutely stunning! said...

...far, far away - so beautiful...
thx for the pics!
greetings from austria

Mattheworbit said...

Beautiful photos, so very jealous.. and how gorgeous is that cat with those stunning blue eyes!

hope you had a fantastic trip. Matt

Greenearth said...

What a beautiful place, how exciting to be there.


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Carrie™ said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a heavenly vacation. I'd go in a heartbeat. said...

Wow, what a beautiful place.

Jennifer Buck said...

Wow! Just stumbled onto your blog and found this. We are leaving in two weeks to stay at exactly the same place in St. Martin! I am also a vegan - so would love tips on where to go to get good vegan (or at least vegetarian grub). Also any suggestions on activities to do on the island and things that are must see would be awesome. So glad I found this!

Dennis said...

Awesome pictures, I would really like to visit there someday.

Ashley said...

Love all the photos! I am leaving to go to Saint Maarten this Wednesday with a friend. I saw the picture of the cow in the road and immediately had to send my friend a message to tell her (as we were both in India last summer), then I read your caption "I felt like I was back in India"

Are the cows friendly like India?!

I am also vegan which is how I found your blog when I searched "Vegan Saint Maarten" If you have any helpful tips on how to eat vegan in Saint Maarten I would really appreciate them! I am staying at a condo so I plan to do a lot of cooking, but it would be fun to go out also!

Thanks :)

Sudbury Wedding Photographer said...

This is unfortunate you didn't get more vegan food... as a vegan living on the island, I enjoy eating out... A few restaurants have vegan options, one is fully vegan and most are happy to have the chef make you a special vegan dish.... Which is always delicious! If you want any restaurant suggestions for you next trip, I would be happy to share my favs!