Friday, January 21, 2011

tartlettes au citron (little lemon tarts)

Let them eat tarts!

Here's another tease from the upcoming cookbook, inspired by all those hours I spent salivating in the windows of Parisian patiserries.  This classic French lemon tart is a little puckery and a little sweet. You can also make it with lime juice and rind, if you need a change of pace. 

Filled tarts, waiting to be baked
My recipe also includes instructions to make a large tart, if that's your preference. Aren't these nifty little tart cups cool? You just fill them and bake. No need for tartlette pans.


Anonymous said...

I have never tried vegan tarts, but should try one day!

Brian said...

i love lemon,.. cookies, bars, etc. these look awesome. will have to anxiously await the recipe being published :)

Theresa said...

I need those little tartlette cups. I don't want to have heaps of limited-use kitchen gear, like tartlette pans, but I love me a good tartlette!

Lee Ann said...

I'm really looking forward to this new book. The pictures on Flickr look amazing.

Vegetarian Girl said...

Wow, looks great! Lemon tarts are one of my favourites, especially with raspberry coulis xx