Tuesday, December 28, 2010

paris part 3 :: photo essay

Movement 3 of my Paris sonata: the food. I would love to share photos of all 42 meals (plus ubiquitous snacks), but sadly, there's only room for a few culinary highlights...

Crepe aux Champignons at The Loving Hut
Quiche du jour at the Loving Hut

The Loving Hut's Coconut-milk based Pumpkin Soup...divinely rich

Soy café au lait at the Loving Hut (It was just a few blocks from my house...
and when I find something I like, I stick with it!)

Veggie girls' nite out at Khrishna Bhavan
From L to R, me, Otylia, Aurelia,  and Tina.

Tina ordered the thali...

The rest of us ordered ginormous dosas like this one.

A few nights later, Tina and I ate at Tien Hiang, a veg Chinese joint with a menu 
longer than the Great Wall. I opted for spicy tofu.

Dessert: banana in rice paper with coconut milk and sesame seeds. Sublime.

Aurelia and I make like Xmas ornaments in our 
red and green as we share "un verre."

Virginie, Fredrik and I enjoyed a great meal at Le Potager du Marais and a 
few days later, a  healthful, tasty lunch at Bob's Juice Bar. Bob's salads 
and juices absolutely sing – and they're nutritious!

As you know. Virginie is the author of Absolute Green. She was in serious 
"branding" mode: she wore green and ordered a green smoothie.  
Here, she reminds me of a little pea in a pod. Adorable!

Virginie and Fredrik brought me these cookies and lollipops from Sweden. 
Check out the cute moose cookie cutter.

One day after walking for hours, I gave my feet a rest at a café in the Marais 
and enjoyed this colorful Salade Végéterienne.

What would winter in any chilly Northern city be without roasted chestnuts?
You didn't expect me to leave Paris without a bona-fide food porn shot, did you?  
The sign says "The Magic Baguette." 

Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner on a boat on the Seine, La Baleine Bleu (The Blue Whale). 
From L to R, Graham, Amelia, me and Otylia (Photo:  The Discerning Brute)

I found truffles for sale at the market on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir

I bought one and shaved it over pasta with garlic and olive oil. My friend Andrew said it looked like [and I quote] "a poo."

Just some of the stuff I consumed at home, "chez moi"

The first meal I cooked in my tiny French kitchen: pasta with chantarelles, salad and haricots.

I brought home so many of these vegan pates, so delicious spread on a fresh baguette.

I found an adorable little tea shop in Montmartre...le sigh.

Stay tuned for the Tofurky verdict.


dasha said...

Wow! So many delicious things in one post :)

I buy the Tartex Pate in Seattle's vegan store Sidecar for Pigs Peace all the time. I love this pate! But they only have three varieties..

Andréa N. said...

Fantastic photos! Made me hungry! Bisous.

RachelBethany said...

Wow that looks fantastic. I was in Paris last December but as my sister was broke and I not very wealthy either we ate vegan hiking meals from packets and rehydrated elephant ear mushrooms in broth. Ugh.

Millie said...

great food...great friends...great fun.

Anonymous said...

You spent lovely time with delicious food!

Vegetarian Girl said...

The food looks so great in the post! I'd love to go to Paris sometime in the next year!

Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day said...

Haha... that takes food porn to a whole new level!

That is one HUGE dosa.. everything looks so good.

Andrea said...

Clearly, the Loving Hut is Paris is on a completely different wavelength from the one in Seattle. :D I loved viewing all the photos.

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

OMG, so much drooling going on over here... Looks like a fab trip!

Miss Rachel's Pantry said...

I'd happily take a truffle poo any day! :)

The Vegan Snorkeler said...

Looks like you had a lot of delicious food in Paris! Next time I go, I will definitely hit up some of these places. The Loving Hut looks especially fun!

Erica said...

cookie cutter envy!!

Babette said...

I'm glad to see there are many vegetarian options in Paris... I wouldn't have thought so. I wanna go now =)

Et j'adore les pâtés de Tartex! Ils sont chers mais si bons!

Us said...

Is it easy to find those vegan pates and other vegan foods in most paris markets or did you find them someplace particular? My husband and I are going in May and we will need some good ideas on where to shop. Thanks! Great photos. They are making me hungry and anxious to get to Paris.

urban vegan said...

Us: The pates are in all the healthfood stores and in many of the larger supermarkets, most of which have a special "bio" section.

mamapasta said...

you try more veg restaurants in Paris than I ever did!!
nice photo of my " green" friend Virginie!!
Hope to see you again at the next vegan day.

vulgar wheat said...

Neo T! My sister lived in Montmartre a few years ago, and when I came to visit her, I stumbled into Neo T. Really neat little place.

Anna said...


Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

Ana said...

Wow, I love all the photos and the foods you had! I have never been to Paris but I would love to go some day, especially seeing that you can find good vegetarian food there too!

d14o said...

What would winter be in a northern city without roasted chestnuts? Sadly, that would be Philadelphia. :0(

Christine said...

Haha! Nice play on the food porn! Everything looks delish!