Wednesday, July 07, 2010

philly peeps, please help :: nova is missing!

Nova is missing. She is wearing a pink, girly collar.

Nova [not to be confused with my cat, Bossa Nova] is a 2-year-old, black on grey and brown tabby with bright pink collar, a pink nose against a white patch of fur on her face, and she has a white underbelly and white paws. She weights about 9 lbs. Nova was last seen near her home on the 3300 block of West Penn St, in East Falls, Philadelphia, PA, Thursday, June 17th. 

Nova is wearing an ID tag with phone number and name on it (267 241 3426). She is extremely shy, so she would probably be hard to catch unless she's ill or weak, and it's doubtful she will come when called. Nova's been spayed and she has all of her claws. Scroll down to see more photos.

If you have seen Nova, please call or text 267 241 3426 or leave a comment here. If you live in Philly's East Falls neighborhood, please leave water and food out for the strays/lost animals in this heat. Please help by forwarding this post, cross-posting and tweeting.

Nova, come home!!!

Close-up of Nova's pink nose and pretty face.

Nova (right), with her older sister, Maxine. Max misses Nova very much.


Bianca said...

Oh! Is Nova your cat?! Or a friend's cat? I really hope someone finds her. If I was in Philly, I send out a search party!

Millie said...

You may want to place an ad in your local newspaper and make some flyers and put them on car windows and some local store windows...hopefully someone may bring her home...I hope you can get her back...please keep us posted...good luck.

urban vegan said...

Millie: Thanks! FLyers are everywhere, plus Nova's "dad" had phone calls made in his zip code & postcards sent out via He also stopped at every shelter and talked to local vets.

She's a tough little cookie. Only thing is that it's 103 degrees here today. So I;m hoping she found somewhere cool to hang out.

(I should move to PR; you have the heat--but you also have the beauty all around you!)

ms. veganorama said...

We are a couple of blocks from where Nova lives. We seem to be a haven for strays (rescued 3 abandoned kitties off our street this year) so we'll leave some food and water and catnip out for her and will keep an eye out. said...

This always makes my heart stop. Good luck and keep us updated!

Millie said...

Puerto Rico is hot but the breeze of the ocean surrounding the entire island makes it feel a whole lot cooler...I think you will love it there...its a beautiful place. good to hear lots of advertising is being done to get Nova back...lots of prayers does work...that can be added to the search.

pammalu said...

I will say a little prayer that you find nova soon.
<3 for nova.

Lisa said...

This may sound odd but leave your shoes outside your front door if you can. When my sister's cat got out after a big move we did this and found her the next morning curled up with the shoes.

Anonymous said...

I second the shoes idea :D