Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bunny update

The good news?
Bunny was adopted two days after I placed her at Lois' cat shelter.

The bad news?
Unfortunately, the women who adopted her returned her yesterday. Although Bunny is cuddly (likes to sleep with people in bed at night!), lovable and great with other cats, apparently, she does not get on so well with little children. (I wonder, did someone pull her tail?)

If you are interested in adopting Bunny or know someone else who is, please email me at with BUNNY in the subject line. Lois also has a lovely black cat and loads of kittens up for adoption.


buffalodick said...

I tried to adopt a Bunny, but my wife said no other women in the house...:)

The VegVine Monkeys said...

hi Dynise - love your blog! I'm here in West Philadelphia. I'm planning to feature your blog on a browser bar for veggie folk. we got started in 2005 in order to help fuel the veg movement. We are all volunteers at the moment working for the animals. I think there might be some cool ways we could partner up with you. if you can squeeze it into your schedule I'd love to chat. Ryan / 215-589-2437

Anonymous said...

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